Thursday, September 1, 2011

Medicinal chemistry related to Antimalarials

Dear All,

Ganpati Bappa Morya

I am pleased to announce that CSIR-CDRI will be organizing a one-day
symposium on developments in the medicinal chemistry related to
Antimalarials on 16th November 2011. The conference will be held under
the aegis of OSDD and will be funded by Medicines for Malaria Venture.
We expect to have Professor Stephen A Ward, Walter Myers Professor of
Parasitology, Deputy Director LSTM, Dr. Jeremy Burrows, Head,
Discovery Science, MMV here to discuss the developments of new
antimalarials. From Indian side Prof. Rahul Jain, Dr. K.
Muraleedharan, Prof. Hema Balram, Dr. Saman Habib will be delivering
talks beside other. We intend to have a 2-3 talks by younger
participants (may be research scholars) working in the field of
development of new antimalarials. In order to encourage wider
participation we intend to have only token registration money. We will
be soon posting the details of the symposium on the cdri website. We
request you to circulate the information amongst your colleagues for a
wider participation.

Thanking you and with kind regards,


Dr SANJAY  member OSDD organic chemistry forum

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  1. registration fees how much sir, osdd memebers only participated or any one is participated.