Thursday, September 8, 2011


Meeting was held today for collborative OSDD Cheminformatics work between
1. Professor David wild(Associate Professor & Director of cheminformatics Program  Indiana Univerrsity bloomington) ,
2. Zakir thomas(OSDD Project Director ) ,
3 Dr UC Abdul Jaleel(Associate Professor of cheminformatics Malabar christian college & Principal Investigator of the       OSDD cheminformatics) and
4 Abhik Seal(PhD scholar  at Indiana University Bloomington & OSDD cheminformatics group 1 leader)

The following important points have been discussed  by the people:

Prof David Wild:

Prof david gave a  brief idea about the cheminformatics and chemgenomics research going on in his lab and about the PXR project with university of Cincinnati  . He also discussed about the chembio2Rdf repository and the semantic web technologies involved in his research and how he would like to develop tools for chemgenomics and cheminformatics research.

Zakir thomas:

Dr Zakir thomas gave a brief idea about what OSDD is and how OSDD is collaborating with the graduate students and discussed the why osdd is needed to get started in india .He also discussed the difference between osdd and other open source models that exist . OSDD is basically runned by the graduate students from any subject area ,researchers, and institutes.

Dr. Abdul Jaleel:

Dr Jaleel discussed the problems now we are facing in OSDD cheminformatics mainly related to the following area in Clustering compounds with molecular diversity , designing quantum chemical descriptors  and building semantic chemical biology framework for OSDD data.
I hope Collaborative cheminformatics with osdd and Indiana takes a postive side for future prospects.


Abhik Seal
Indiana University Bloomington
Department of Chemical Informatics
            +18123699097 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +18123699097      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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